Exhibition Ends Sunday 16th March

The extraordinary whirl and fusion of influences that Genova was.
Perhaps such an early wild period, is much more important than we realize. Castiglione yet have been take for all that he may provide as insights to a different method and mode in the learning and teaching of drawing.

the surrealists would have recognized in his early drawings, a certain kind of music and invention. The energy and discovery of the line in the making. because of this there is something quiet modern and fresh about his drawings.
An amazon rain forests worth of variety.

A frenetic energy. Highly focused. One feels that his personality can be read in his lines. They do at times resemble asemic writing. the degree of invention … desire to not repeat. clouds, beards, the light and shadow on a hat, become continents layered with rich and multiple ways of seeing and leading the eye. There is no such thing as a single block or patch of Everything is alive. space can be used emencely subtlity.

The example of the red chalk drawing. The still life of farm produce. control. All done as far as there is evidence, directly and with out preparatory drawing.

remembering that the very name Castiglione is the very synonym for Sprazzatura